Pesce Foods

We are Zachary and Eric Pesce, the creators of Pesce Foods. We are passionate about living an active lifestyle and fueling ourselves with the proper nutrition to live optimally. We believe that food should taste good and be healthy and beneficial for you too. We are located in Cochrane, AB and serving all of Canada. Pesce Foods is a family business inspired by the love of food and living a healthy and active lifestyle.

After years of struggling with my own health issues (IBD), I decided I needed to change my diet and cut out all processed foods, oils, sugar, etc. I started to eat more whole foods that were rich in nutrients and started including spices and herbs that our early ancestors used to heal themselves. I found it very difficult to find classic spice blends without any added sugar or other artificial chemicals in them. Every time I wanted to make food like tacos or BBQ, I would have to make the seasoning myself. While I was at it, I figured I’d add in anti-inflammatory spices like turmeric and ginger, just to enhance my food and in turn, enhance my health. My brother and I thought there would be more people like me, seeking the same things and Pesce foods was born. Our products can help anyone live just a little healthier because we offer nutrient rich blends that go far beyond a traditional spice rub. All of our seasonings are hand mixed and have been created, tested and perfected by us, family and close friends. We are dedicated to serving the highest quality herbs and spices to enhance health and wellness for all. Our story to be continued….

Our Standard
To provide people with safe, high quality products so they can enjoy the classic foods they like and stay healthy. We ensure that our products are of high standard, chemical free, and we provide full disclosure of ingredients.